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Alpha Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness

Our mission for helping your pet recover from injury, surgery, or illness is more extensive and passionate than you will find in any area and is a testimony to our commitment to helping all pets. We strive to improve the quality of life for your best friend and their families through compassionate rehabilitative care. 

That is why we combine veterinarian and physical therapy at Alpha Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness.

 Is Your Pup a Candidate For Canine Rehabilitation and PT?

At Alpha Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness, we offer therapy modalities, including an underwater treadmill, shockwave therapy, therapeutic laser treatments, infrared therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, and more! 

Additionally, we offer exercise programs and manual therapy interventions to support these modalities for a full-on extensive rehabilitation program for your animal.

Rehabilitation for Surgical Recovery

If your animal is recovering from a surgical procedure such as the following, rehabilitation can be a great addition to their routine.

  • Joint Surgery or Replacement
  • Cruciate Surgery
  • Fracture Repair
  • Spinal Cord Surgery

Rehabilitation for Non-Surgical Needs

Whether the goal is to manage a preexisting condition or to prevent future ailments, rehabilitation offers many benefits. If your pet struggles with any of the following, rehabilitation can provide positive results. 

  • Arthritis
  • Conservative Management of Cruciate Disease
  • Patella Luxations
  • Spinal Cord Diseases
  • Wobblers Syndrome
  • General Conditioning and Weight Loss

Conditions We Commonly Treat

If your pet needs rehabilitation from an injury, illness, old age, or surgery, Alpha Animal Rehab and Fitness is THE go-to place for rehab services.

Our list of services includes injury rehabilitation, post-surgery care, and more. Using state-of-the-art technology and innovative treatments, Alpha Animal Rehab and Fitness can treat a variety of conditions. Our team is professional and compassionate about animal rehab and has several years of experience in animal rehabilitation. Our facility offers a full range of animal rehabilitation services. The following is a list of conditions treated at Alpha Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness:

Wobblers Syndrome

This is a disease of the neck and is most common in larger breeds of dogs. It is caused by compression of the spinal or the surrounding nerves, resulting in problems with the nervous system.


Also known as degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis is a permanent deterioration of the cartilage surrounding the joints.

It is a very common issue with aging dogs and cats.  

Degenerative Myelopathy

This a progressive disease affecting the spine. This disease is mostly found in dogs.

Typically, it begins with a lack of coordination in the hind limbs. The dog tends to wobble or drag his or her feet when walking.


Cats and dogs can have strokes, and in most cases, they require immediate veterinary attention. Typical signs include howling in pain, dragging of the hind legs, and limping on the front legs. 

Pets who suffer a stroke should be taken to a professional veterinarian for a checkup.

Post-Orthopedic Surgery Care

Orthopedic surgery care is stressful for the pet owner and the pet. A trained animal rehab practitioner can help guide the owner on how to best manage post-surgery care.

Intervertebral Disc Disease

This condition causes degeneration of the discs in the spine causing pain in the back, neck, or limbs. The pressure can also cause weakness and numbness in the limbs.

Nerve Injuries

There are a variety of nerve injuries that can happen to pets. Most of these neurological issues can be treated with injury rehabilitation programs prescribed by a veterinarian.  

Fibrotic Myopathies

This is a progressive and degenerative disorder affecting the muscles.  It is most common in dogs.

Meet Our Team


Dr. Kristen Wereszynski, DVM is originally from Virginia, where she attended Virginia Tech for her undergraduate before attending St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine.  

She has been practicing since 2018 but joined Alpha Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness in 2020.  

She has completed all the Canine Rehabilitation Courses from the University of Tennessee. Dr. Wereszynski is the proud dog momma to an Australian Shepherd, Poppy, and enjoys hiking and riding horses.


Owner and Director of Operations

Anthony Schena, CCAT (Certified Companion Animal Rehabilitation Therapist) is certified through NC State College of Veterinary Medicine and has been practicing animal rehabilitation since 2020. He graduated from Union College in 2015 with a degree in Applied Science in Physical Therapy. Since then, he has experience working in outpatient orthopedic physical therapy, with concentrations in both manual-based therapy and sports medicine.

Anthony has proficiencies in Manual Therapy techniques, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Kinesio-Taping/Athletic taping, Sports Rehabilitation & Return to Play, and Total-Joint Functional Rehabilitation.

Prior to Physical Therapy, Anthony was a Certified Personal Trainer focusing on Post-Rehabilitation/Strength and Conditioning. Anthony is the proud papa of a cockapoo, Miles.


Owner and Director of Rehabilitation

Nora Dracup, CCAT (Certified Companion Animal Rehabilitation Therapist) is certified through Northeast Seminars at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine and has been practicing animal rehabilitation since 2022. After being in the US army, Nora gained her bachelors of science in physical therapy. She has experience in the customer service industry and personal training, so it seemed like a natural progression to advance into healthcare. Nora has worked in various settings including outpatient acute injury, post surgery, Workers' comp, Long/short term care illness/injury and rehabilitation.

Nora personally experienced the need for more in the field of animal rehab with her French bulldogs, one who needed assistance after an elbow break as a month-old puppy and the other having Grade 5 patella luxation in both knees – which led to surgery and being paralyzed in both Hindlimbs. This called for a 6-month period of using a wheelchair.

Nora is certified in the assembly of Walkin’ Pets equipment – including walkin’ wheels, harnesses/lifts, splints and Braces.


Susan is a licensed Veterinary Technologist with a Bachelor of Science from Mercy College and started her career as an overnight triage technician. Susan says she has found the best expression of her respect for animals in Physical Rehabilitation. Susan has experience as an ER/ICU Supervisor, a Surgery Technician and a Recovery Technician. She has been RECOVER certified in basic and advanced CPR since 2018 and is Free Free Certified. Susan is also certified in Companion Animal Pain Management. Before starting her career in the veterinary field, Susan earned her teaching degree in Early Childhood Education in NJ, where she taught preschool for 12 years. She has been married for 33 years, has two children, one dog and three cats!

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