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Just like humans require physical therapy, canine rehab and physical therapy offers similar benefits for your dog. Our focus is on improving mobility, strength, and stability to help your dog achieve their functional goals and get them moving again.

As a dedicated establishment serving north New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania, we offer a wide range of convenient options to ensure that you and your dog receive the necessary treatment.

During your visits to our facility, we will educate you on various techniques and exercises that you can incorporate into your dog's care plan to support their recovery.

We also offer a range of resources to empower you in assisting your dog's healing process.

What makes Alpha Animal Rehab different?

The field of canine rehab and physical therapy is relatively new in the pet care industry.

While more and more vets are referring their patients to rehab, pet parents all too often get the recommendation of crate rest and pain meds. While these are important recommendations in some situations and often for the short-term, many diagnoses call for a more hands-on holistic approach.

That’s where canine rehab and physical therapy comes in!

Canine Rehabilitation and PT

Canine rehab and physical therapy is built on the principles of human physical rehab and applied to our furry counterparts, and we see terrific results! Alpha Animal Rehab and Fitness focuses on helping dogs regain their independence so they can experience their best quality of life with their humans. As our dogs age into their senior years, parents are often told that the decrease in mobility is just part of aging, but there is so much that can be done to help these sweet pups!

A Long-Term Approach

What we provide here at Alpha Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness is a long-term approach to dog health management. Arthritis is a normal part of aging for dogs, just as it is for humans. We take what we know works in the human world and educate pet parents on how to best help their companions.

Our goal is to get your dog out of pain, get them moving better, build up their lost strength, and teach you the most beneficial ways to engage your pup in a regular exercise routine. This doesn’t just mean “go for more walks” either. Walks can be fun, engaging, and great exercise, but no amount of walking will build the strength and stability necessary during this important phase of life. 

Therefore, our goal is to help more dogs get out and be active with their humans and live their best lives through their golden years!

We understand that you may want to learn more about how canine rehab and physical therapy can benefit you and your dog before booking an appointment.

If you’d like to learn more information & our availability, please click the button below to fill out a short form.

How We Help

Here at Alpha Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness, we offer therapeutic modalities, including Underwater Treadmill, Therapeutic Laser treatment, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, and more.

Additionally, we offer exercise programs (both at the facility and at home) and manual therapy interventions to support these modalities for a full-on extensive rehabilitation program for your animal.

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